Gelatin is a substantially pure protein food ingredient, obtained by the thermal denaturation of collagen, which are the structural mainstay and most common protein in the animal kingdom.

Gelatin sponges have been used in clinical practice as heamostats for more than 50 years and been proven to be effective and safe as other types of haemostats.

Due to the threat of BSE/TSE issues on Bovine origin materials, Porcine Gelatin Materials have been developed and now thay are widely being used in Pharmaceutical Industry.

Product description
 is a surgical haemostatic gauze made from natural gelatin with high purity origination from swine source used extensively in many surgeries; particularly when ordinary haemostatic methods is not suitable and use of nonabsorbable haemostatic methods is not preferable. The gauze comes in multiple sizes, sterilised by gamma ray, packaged in closed sterilised foil pack or placed in bag for different sizes. Scrofalon® can absorb up to 40-50 times its weight in water and stick readily to the bleeding site. The uniform sponginess of Scrofalon® assist in haemostasis. When placed in the body, the gauze is comletely reabsorbed in 3-4 weeks, Scrofalon® has no toxicity, is not allergenic, immunogenic, generate pus, and meets biocompatibility standards according to  EN ISO 10993.


– Plastic Surgery
– General Surgery
– ENT and Dental Surgery
– Orthopedics and Trauma
– Abdominal Surgery
– Neurosurgery
– Dermatology
– Gynaecology
– Anorectal Surgery

Application & User Guide
 is white, pliable, light, and insoluble in water. It is removed from the package under strict aseptic conditions and can be cut to desired size, applied dry or saturated with physiological salt solution or thrombin or an antibiotic solution of the desired concentration. Squeeze the material between two fingers to remove the air bubbles so that the sponge, while immersed in the solution will regain its original size and shape almost immediately. At the time of use, the superfluous solution may be allowed to drip upon a gauze compress. The saturated sponge is then applied to the haemorrhage area and is then held in place with moderate pressure for 10-15 seconds.

Usually the first application of Scrofalon® will control bleeding, but if not, additional applications should be made using fresh pieces of sponge. When bleeding is controlled, the pieces of Scrofalon® should be left in place, otherwise bleeding may start again. since Scrofalon® causes little more cellular infiltration than the blood clot, the wound may be closed over it

 should not be use in closure of skin incisions because it may interfere with the healing of skin edges.

Precautions & Warnings

  • Scrofalon® is a sterile product and should not be resterilised as it would change the characteristics of the product.
  • Discard the unused portions of the sponge.
  • Use of Scrofalon® is not recommended for infected sites.
  • By absorbing the fluid, the sponge may expand and thus impinge on neighboring structures. Hence, minimal pre-compression is advised when packing into cavities
  • In neuro surgery, it should not be left in closed cavities, since it may cause compression of the nervous tissues when it expands.
  • While using Scrofalon®  other normal heamostatic procedure including suture,  pressure and ligature should be neglected.


Scrofalon®  must be stored in a dry place. It is gamma sterilized with a shelf life of 5 years.