Perfect pH 80mlchai_Perfect PH

– Lactoserum
– Acid lactic
– Aloe Vera và Vitamin E
– pH 4.5 balance formula

Foreva Perfect pH, the first innovative Natural Feminine Wash with natural pH-balanced to gently cleanse and freshen without irritating your sensitive skin. The perfect formula with combination of milk extracts (Lacto serum & Lactic acid) enriched with Aloe- Vera and Vitamin E which are well known for its soothing, cooling & moisturizing effects for relieving skin discomfort.

Foreva Perfect pH, the Safest and Gentlest way to care for your most intimate area. Recommended for use in sensitive situations: Pregnancy, after childbirth, during menstruation or vaginal sensitivity, after swimming in pool/sea, and aerobics and sporting activities.  Foreva Natural Feminine Wash is so gentle and you can use it everyday, even on sensitive, itchy or inflamed skin to cleanse away bacteria, discharges and perspiration which can cause embarrassing odor, feminine itching and irritation.

Dosage forms: milk emulsions, with concentrated formula

Volume: 80 ml, 150 ml