Nasomom_2Instant relief for nasal congestion

For more than 30 years, Nasal Spray (Nasomom) has been recommended by the majority of doctors and pharmacists. It has earned the trust of health professionals and millions of people suffering from chronic nasal congestion, sinus congestion, dry nose, and irritated nasal passages resulting from allergies, sinusitis, and colds.

NASOMOM ®– is purified and isotonic deep sea water spray used for:
– Relief for symptoms of nasal congestion, rhinnorhea, allergic rhinnitis, upper respiratory inflammation, wheezing, dry nose mouth and hay fever in adults and children
– Daily cleansing of nose after exposure with dust, smoke, pollution, weather changes, air conditioning … to maintain the natural humidity of the nose, preventing pathogen incubation and other respiratory diseases, rhinnitis and sinusitis.
NASOMOM ® create soft mist spray with extensive range using a 1 valve system to provide coverage for the entire nose and prevent reinfection of pathogens
NASOMOM ® is 100% natural, safe in caring and cleansing nose and prevent rhinnitis and sinusitis.

Direction for use: 2-6 times/day
Safe for use in pregnant women and does not create dependency in long term use.

Storage: Store in room tempeture and avoid sunlight

Manufactured by: Đong Nai Pharma Co., 
221B, Pham Van Thuan, Bien Hoa, Đong Nai

This is a product of RELIV HEALTHCARE LTD.
ĐC: 22H1, Street number 40,  Tan Quy Đong Resident, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, TP.HCM, Viet Nam.