duog an kieng

Briz is a diet sugar that is used to replace sugar in foods and beverage applications such as cake, sweet soup, tea, coffee, and fruit juices. This is the new generation of dietary sugar present in Vietnam and first recorded with the consumer safety.

The FDA has reviewed 110 researches in human and animal of the cytotoxicity, carcinogenicity, reproductive influence and impact on the nervous system. It was concluded that sucralose has no adverse effect and the FDA has approved that it is safe for human use.


Users: for individuals who go on a diet or with diabetes or obesity

Direction for use: Each Briz sachet is dissolved with 150 ml of water before putting into hot or cold food or beverages depending on each person’s taste

Specification: Box of 25 packs, 50 packs, 100 packs

Manufacturer: Glomed Pharmaceutical. Co