Reliv Healthcare is a global healthcare company specializing in marketing and manufacturing of specialty to general prescription and non-prescription pharmaceutical products.

Reliv is a pioneer in introducing the latest therapies in the emerging markets promoting treatment and coverage of key chronic diseases. Reliv prides itself in regulatory compliance, agile marketing and commercialization with an extensive network of specialists and subject matter experts. Reliv believes in the cause and plays active role in decreasing the morbidity and mortality associated with preventable diseases.

We are therapy leaders in multiple therapeutic areas including Hepatitis and Liver disease, Oncology, Respiratory, Dermatology and we are expanding our horizons into biological and medical devices. Personal care, Nutrition and Health are other specialties we have expertise in.

The demand for high quality health care products has risen significantly in the recent years and is expected to grow exponentially, especially in the developing world. To meet these demands, our company constantly strives to develop and provide the most advanced products of the highest quality.

With its state of art manufacturing facilities across India, Vietnam and Myanmar, Reliv is well equipped expand its presence at a global level. The products that we develop have been recognized and our effort to provide quality products at affordable prices have been appreciated by multiple countries globally.

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