Reliv Healthcare Co., Ltd is the official representative of some of the medical equipment originated from Europe, Israel, and India. These are high-quality products meeting EU standards, ISO standards and US FDA.

Some products are leaders in the market such as:

  • Mesh is utilised in hernia treatment as well as for pelvic organ prolapse; it is produced from PVDF – which is a new material, exclusive of Company Dynamesh. PVDF possess better properties than that of Vietnamese popular old material polypropylene. PVDF has a high biological compatibility which assist in healing wounds and causing less reaction from the body.
  • Another new product on the market is amniotic fluid leak detector stickers Al-sense; it uses non-invasive technique to allow continuous monitoring and early detection of amniotic fluid leakage in women with high risk pregnancies.

Other medical equipments of Reliv’s healthcare:

  • Obsorbable hemostatic sponges Scrofalon with standards of EU, ISO.
  • Surgical suture Assut produced in Europe, with standards of EU, ISO, FDA.